What I Like

My Pets 

Sophia/Sop sop LoVeS to Sleep a LOT in fact I believe it is her favourite thing to do. seconded only by biting, eating and ignoring what you are saying unless of course you say FOOD of WALK then she listens. It is very funny.

Laurel who believes he will take over the underworld one day is very hard to photograph and whose hobbies involve meowing loudly from the early  hours on the morning to night and being sick. He is a year older than me and treats me like a kitten. He likes sleeping very much too but he DOES NOT like Sophia  

                       Blue is my youngest cat. she is very scared of the dog and slightly less of people but occasionally  she comes up to you for a stroke.  she was born in my bedroom cupboard, she was originally named Jabba The Hut by my brother because she came out meowing  but soon became Blue and although she had proven she cloud meow she didn't again until we took her to the vets and that is still the only time you can hear her. she does make funny noises though.  Even though she is a very scared cat she is a deadly killer of anything smaller than her.

Muffin only needs one photo.  She is very dumb. When she was a kitten she fell of the window sill through an open window onto the conservatory roof.  We had to fish her back with a towel.  Luckily she had enough sense to grab hold of it.  Another thing she did when she was a kitten, when my mum was taking photos of her, she was on the sofa and started walking towards her and fell off.  She is the only cat that still walks into the glass in the conservatory.  But in her beauty she makes up what she lacks in brains.  

Nibbly bastard (named by my brother because of its rather violent behaviour)  whom I have to wear gloves to hold.  She likes to hang from the top of the bars in his cage, loves to keep me awake at night nibbling the metal but isn't she so cute.

Pancake enjoys a lot of sleeping,
 running on the hamster wheel and is a very friendly but timid hamster who also enjoys keeping me up at night.  Named pancake because of how flat she can make herself. 

 She walks backwards on your hand and falls off.  She escaped once and I found her curled up behind my teddy bear.       

I LOVE THEM ALL                                      

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