Thursday, 8 March 2012

Forever young

Forever young at Nottingham Playhouse

was really funny and very entertaining. no story line but still great without giving to much information.
I'd definitely, recommend it.Your not allowed to take photos though so no photo today.

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

My Week

I have Been ill with a cold so have not done a blog post for a bit. But Luckily I Was better in 

time to go for a walk with my sister Jo and her husband Nick AND a dog Called Poppy that 

my Sister Was dogsiting. My dog (Sophia) Loved Poppy and had a great time playing with 

her. here are some photos of Poppy and the walk.

 Both of them impossible photograph

 Poppy was very Interested in the sheep very very interested in the sheep 
 and the sheep where very interested in us.

I stayed at my sister's house for a sleepover so me and Poppy Went her Work with her.
 here are some photos

 playing with new Ball
 my sister (Jo)

I went to a Lecture on Public Choice Theory By my Dad 'who is a Professor at Nottingham


l thoroughly enjoyed myself and had a lovely day.

Here are some photos.

My nots

My Dad working
My Dads offers 

Some art I did in the day

Thursday, 16 February 2012

My Week

                                Sophia's walk. It was rave miserable weather but Sop sop Love it.   

I Love art <3 and Art Core are brilliant. I did a pottery course with them and loved it so much <3. I was very sad when it ended and today me and my mum went to a new Art Core thing !!!! and I love it <3 I would suggest you look at their website. Me and my mum got the wrong time so we arrived a hour early.  


                                                                  My mum is this


Making Food
Scrambled eggs 
                                            My Mum's first successful Ghee
                                                     and it was Delicous




I am cursed were it come to electronics, I lost the pen to my first tablet with in a year and have missed it for year so I got a new one and within a month it mysteriously stopped working so I sent it back and I've got a new new one Hurray!

If you go on to My Art you will see some of the art I have done on it.