Thursday, 16 February 2012

My Week

                                Sophia's walk. It was rave miserable weather but Sop sop Love it.   

I Love art <3 and Art Core are brilliant. I did a pottery course with them and loved it so much <3. I was very sad when it ended and today me and my mum went to a new Art Core thing !!!! and I love it <3 I would suggest you look at their website. Me and my mum got the wrong time so we arrived a hour early.  


                                                                  My mum is this


Making Food
Scrambled eggs 
                                            My Mum's first successful Ghee
                                                     and it was Delicous




I am cursed were it come to electronics, I lost the pen to my first tablet with in a year and have missed it for year so I got a new one and within a month it mysteriously stopped working so I sent it back and I've got a new new one Hurray!

If you go on to My Art you will see some of the art I have done on it.